Life without limits…ok we all have limits but how do you thrive, overcome and live beyond your limits?

welcome to the uncapped zone!


Uncapped is an experience unlike anything you’ve ever encountered. We don’t believe in limitations. We believe in God’s power. When you arrive, leave the baggage of your past at the door.

  • Your doubts will be replaced with dreams.
  • Apathy will be replaced with action.
  • Insecurity will be replaced with inspiration.

Your life will be changed forever.

Get ready for the adventure.

Why Light The Fire Within?

Because we are created for life without limits!

Victories and celebrations beyond your imagination! Becoming a person who directs change in the world around you! This is the life we all want to live as Christians. And it is possible to live this way!

This book is designed to help you walk with God in a deep, personal and inspiring relationship. To light a spiritual fire in your heart that spreads to everyone around you!

If you are ready to change your life, if you are ready to go on amazing adventures with God, then this book is for you!!

Dare To Grow

Looking for Inspiration

Jim and Michael blog here. This is our reflection space, tag along.

Wrong Sword

Jewish people in Jesus' days were familiar with war and the instruments of war. Their rulers were ruthless and sadly, every almost generation had its share of defeat in the hands of their enemies. Even some of Jesus' immediate followers were zealots - a group set on...

Divine Skills

Have you started a journey you knew it had failure written all over it? I remember when the staff took a bunch of rich private high school students on a ski trip. As one of the staff, I was supposed to be adept, a semi-pro skier but it was far from reality. I had...

Weary & Worn Down

How do you know if you are a pretender or a contender? Are you worn out physically or spiritually and what's the difference? How about the source of your strength? Where do you get your security from? Many of us are physically strong but spiritually weak. Some monitor...
Come Dream Along…
A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
Winston Churchill