How do you know if you are a pretender or a contender? Are you worn out physically or spiritually and what’s the difference? How about the source of your strength? Where do you get your security from? Many of us are physically strong but spiritually weak. Some monitor their health, diet, weight and gym attendance daily and others, with less regularity. 

 As much as maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a great habit to develop or keep, the deception of physical strength is massive. While both have similar traits, the difference is wide. For one, we can pretend, equate or confuse physical strength to spiritual strength. Physical strength can make you a pretender but spiritual strength makes you a contender. Physical strength can camouflage your true identity, hide your insecurities and hurts but you know something is keeping you up at night. Finally, this natural strength is fleeting and depleting.

I liken spiritual strength to renewable energy with God as the eternal supplier. How inviting and intriguing is that? Which of the two do your desire or want to be known by?

 God has done everything in his mighty power to provide you with this massive renewable source and simplified your access to it! He has provided you with the Scriptures, his Holy Spirit, the Church, the resources you have and your gifts to tap in and uncap. He has invited you to be your true self, growing in the image of his son and impacting your world just like Jesus (Luke 6:40). Interestingly, as you use the spiritual resources available to you, you grow stronger and stronger. Your love hope, faith and character grow wider and deeper and more victories in Christ would be assured!

 So where are you worn out and why? What strength are you using? The legit or counterfeit one? Have you taken your eyes of the source? 

God has invited you into a lasting relationship and he equips you for the long and meandering journey of life. He doesn’t promise a cross-free life but offers his presence in your storm. Be your true self, focus on what’s eternal, God can keep you firing on all cylinders (Colossians 1:29, 2 Timothy 1:7).

God strengthens the weary
    and gives vitality to those worn down by age and care.

Isaiah 40:29 (The Voice)